Our Story

Modify by Christy stands as evidence of the celebration of diverse beauty and the commitment to nurturing melanin-rich skin. Crafted with safe, highly effective ingredients. Our cosmetics are free from harsh chemicals to ensure your skin is nourished without compromise.

Modify, an idea by Christy Busacca, an internationally renowned Image and skincare consultant, was born out of a desire to empower individuals, especially people of color, in their quest to care for their skin. Christy's journey as a beauty entrepreneur began as a confident black woman who firmly believes in the power of embracing one's authentic self. Realising the disparities in skincare products and the misinformation regarding skin-lightening agents and their potential side effects, she envisioned a skincare line specifically curated for people of color. This vision of hers has been brought to life by a team of diligent and experienced cosmetologists.

Our message is clear - Black is beautiful, and achieving a glowing, even skin tone is possible through safer, healthier means. This belief in the connection between healthy skin and overall wellness drives our passion to provide people of color with high-quality, functional skincare and our commitment to excellence has already set us apart in the skincare industry. Our offerings are cutting-edge solutions derived from carefully sourced, clean, active ingredients.

Infused with safe skin-lightening compounds like Glutathione, Arbutin, Kojic acid and Vitamin c, our products targets hyperpigmentation without irritating our beautiful melanin-rich skin. These ingredients work wonders, gradually releasing a brightening effect over time and inhibiting tyrosinase.

So welcome to our world of Modify where we blend science with a deep understanding of diverse skin tone and their various needs, ensuring that our products enhances and celebrates your natural beauty. Elevate your skincare journey with us, and experience the transformative power of Modify – where beauty knows no bounds.